Thursday, May 28, 2009

Organizing Kids Closets & Clothes

Make it easy to keep clothes organized and neat. In their closet hang pants together, short sleeves, long sleeves and if they are in a private school hang all uniforms attire together. Try not to over organize here, simple simon works. For their shoes, I have used milk crates to separate shoes by church shoes, school shoes and sports/tennis shoes. Kids like to kick their shoes off, so why not kick them off into a crate rather then the floor?

Help your children get their drawers to a state where they can easily fit their clothes and other belongings into them without pushing or shoving. Put shoe boxes without lids in drawers to help keep clothes from getting jumbled. Maybe socks in one shoe box, underwear in another.
Let your children help label the containers so that they feel a since of pride in the organizing project. They can be as creative as they want with the labels. Let them write the label or draw pictures for the label anything that will engage them. Have fun with this, and your child will be more open to making the system work.

Put a clothes hamper or baskets in each child's room or the bathroom they share if there is enough room. To simplify and help your children start to learn how to wash clothes have them separate them into lights in one basket; darks in the other basket. I put my children’s clean clothes on the stairs for them to take up to their room. I put each child’s clothes on a separate stair with their hanging clothes on the staircase by their stair. It is their responsibility to take their clothes and put them away in a timely manner. If one of them is not in the mood to put his clothes away, I only charge a dollar to put them away myself! Who knows…maybe you will make an extra $50 this summer!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Drawer Organizers

I was browsing my favorite online store for an undergarment divider for one of my clients this week and came across this great drawer divider from the Container Store called Dream Drawer Organizers. I wish The Container Store would come to Tulsa! They are spring loaded drawer dividers that expand 12"-18". You can place them anywhere inside the drawer and they stand upright and secure. They are perfect for socks, underwear and lingerie. They would be perfect in the kitchen as well, to separate utensils, silverware, etc. Dream Drawer Organizers are on sale right now at The Container Store for $12.99 for a package of two.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Making Garage Sales Easy and Less Stressful

It is that time year when you drive into your neighborhood and you see the inevitable sign “Neighborhood Garage Sale This Saturday”. A part of you is excited about getting rid of things but let’s be honest you dread getting your items ready for the garage sale.

Here are some simple, quick easy tips to make any garage sale a success without having to spend hours preparing for the garage sale.

First of all grab a box of large trash bags and an empty tote or laundry basket. Pick a room to start and place soft items in one bag, clothes in another bag and breakables in the tote. Go from room to room through out your house adding to your bags and hopefully getting new bags. Isn’t it amazing how much stuff you have that you don’t use or wear?

Now let’s gather all of our items and get them ready to sell. If you are going to be selling clothes put them into two categories: everyday clothes, the other nicer clothes. I hang the nicer clothes and place the everyday clothes on a table. From looking at your clothes determine the average price you want for them. For instance, everyday clothes $2 a piece, nicer clothes $5 a piece. Do not price every item, make it simple. Gather same price items in one area with a sign, others in another area with a sign. If you really want to get crazy $2 each or 3 for $5…you get rid of more faster!

Household items, toys, movies, books, games and everything in between can be placed on a $5 table, $3 table, $1 table and .25 cent bin. I realize things might get mixed up a tiny or someone might say they found this lamp on the $1 table rather then the $5 table. If you are uncomfortable saying you are sorry it was on the wrong table, “LET IT GO” it is on its way out of your house!

For items that don’t fit into the dollar allotment tables, price them individually. More often than not, there shouldn’t be that many items left to price. The less you have to price individually the easier it is to prepare for your garage sale. I know this is a crazy concept to get used to, but I promise once you do it and see how easy it is to get stuff together for the garage sale you will no longer feel anxious when you see that sign posted in your neighborhood next time! Have a trouble-free Garage Sale!