Monday, January 11, 2010

In Case of an Emergency

I hope and pray that none of you will need to have this information handy but I thought to be on the safe side I would share I tip that I got from someone or some show, probably Law and Order SVU! Love that show!!!

One of my friends got a new iPhone for Christmas this year. She had to manually enter all of her phone numbers because her sim card was old and was not compatible for the iPhone. I told her that I didn’t know where I had heard this but instead of putting your husband’s name in your contact list to actually use the word “husband cell” and “husband work”. So many times we have an enormous amount of contacts and if you were ever in an accident and were not able to tell the police officers your husbands name this is a quick and easy way for them to find the information to contact someone for you. I know this sounds so simple simon but I had never thought about that, how would they know if Tom, Dick or Harry is your husband’s name?

Another suggestion would be to enter “emergency contact” if you are a single parent. If you have children with a cell phone, make sure they enter “mom” or “dad” into their contacts.

I hope this tip helps and maybe it worth sharing with your friends and family, you just never know…

Sunday, January 3, 2010

How to Start Getting Organized

If your New Year's resolution was to get organized, now is the time to “Clear the Clutter”! Getting things organized won’t happen overnight but with small changes you can start creating habits that will help to keep the clutter away.

• Create structure in your day. If you are always spinning your wheels and feeling as though you are getting nowhere, try managing your time with a plan. Don't over-schedule your day.

• Change your morning routine to help you get ahead of the game. Whether that means unloading the dishwasher, doing a load of laundry, getting meat out of the freezer for tonight’s dinner or getting up earlier to improve your morning routine. Doing an extra thing in the morning can make a huge difference in the evening.

• Get a calendar or planner. Whether you prefer digital or paper having a calendar is a must for everyone. Start and end each day checking your calendar for today and planning for tomorrow.

• Sunday’s . I have mentioned this before, Sunday is a great time to write out your calendar, make meals ahead of time, wash lettuce or fruit for the week ahead. You will be amazed how much better Monday morning will feel when you take a few extra steps on Sunday.

• Controlling the mail. Try using online banking, set up automatic payments for your utilities or add payees to your online checking account. Make sure to mark “paperless statements” so your mail can be reduced. Not only will you find you are paying your bills on time, you will have less paper clutter around your home.

• In with one new, out with one old. Try to be aware of what you have at home and what you really need. So many times you have just replaced something that is lost amongst the clutter and if you knew where it was you wouldn’t need to replace it. Having a place for everything is essential to being organized.

• Start a “donation box/bag” in your garage. Donate household items you don't use, clothes, games, and toys. This will help “Clear the Clutter” while helping someone else in need. Regularly go through your things and weed out the excess. When the box or bag is full drop it off at your nearest donation center.
Creating some of these small changes above can not only improve the way you feel, it can help you become more organized. Take 15-20 minutes to straighten up your home at the end of the day. Remember to only touch things once, if the doll doesn’t belong in your bedroom ask your child to take it to her room. If you have brought bills in from the mailbox and you pay your bills in the office, take them to the office not the kitchen counter. If you put away and finish up what you're doing this will help maintain order in your home.

So many people want to "get organized," but that can feel overwhelmed. If you start with small and simple habits you will find these can make significant changes in your home.