Monday, October 25, 2010

Best Tip Ever!!

I was asked to give a presentation last week. I was so excited and to my surprise there were 75 people attending! It was one of the worst presentations I have ever given!!! There were two people that went ahead of me that gave a five minute commercial about their businesses and both were having difficulties with the microphone. You couldn’t hear a word they were saying or it would be this loud static noise. I know you are wondering where am I going with this, hold on…I promise it gets worse before it gets better!

Now its my turn, remember there are a ton of people with several round tables and everyone is spread out. The microphone does not work at all now! I keep trying to get it to work and it kept falling off my jacket. It was a disaster! I completely lost my train of thought, I was rambling much like I do on my blogs and on top of that I was screaming so people could hear my ramblings!!! I was all over the page and no one really had any questions, I think they were just scared for me or scared of me…I’m not really sure but either way it wasn’t pretty!

So here is the great part…someone asked my how to organize their linen closet. Their sheets were always falling over and didn’t look nice in the closet. They said their fitted sheets were always in a big clump. My answer was…”Fold your fitted sheet as best as you can, fold the top sheet and fold your pillow case, than place those items inside the other pillow case and fold over the extra material so you have a square pillow case with “its belongings” inside of it.” They loved it!!! They even clapped and smiled!!!! As any good speaker would do I wrapped it up and ended on a good note!!

As I was leaving several people said they loved the idea about putting the sheets inside the pillow case that they hadn’t thought of doing that. I realized I had never told any of you this great idea. It helps keep your sheets organized and it allows you to “fold good enough” because no one will see it in the pillow case and your linen closet will look organized!

If you ever need a speaker for your meeting, I promise I will do better, call me I would love to come speak at your gathering. Please just make sure the microphone works or people are close together so I don’t have to scream!!!

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